(Registered under Society registration Act 1860)

Growing Seed

Live peacefully and let live others peacefully

Growing Seed is a non-political, non- biased, benevolent, voluntary social organization based on Dharmanagar, North Tripura. It was started by some school students having good deed, willing to do something good for society. It was started on 30th march 2011.From the very first day of its starting, it is devoted to the society by doing various charitable activities such as:-

* Free health camps in rural & remote areas with free medicine facility.

* Education assistance project for needy children.
* Anti- superstition & expansion of scientific thinking movement.
* Free drinking water and first- aid facilitation caps during holy festivals.
* Tree plantation, forestation, and environment conservation programmes.
*Blood donation camps.
*Celebration of national days with distribution of fruits and cloths in jail and old houses.
* Nourishment of culture by organizing cultural programmes.
* Publication of "UTTARAN" - a yearly magazine and so on.
          Growing Seed fully supports and willing to perform any kind of activity which leads to wellness of the society. As a social organization we reassure friendly relation toward any person or any organization who/ which works for social betterment. We are welcoming any individual from any social background who willing to join us and want to do social welfare jobs. As we believe on social equality, no volunteer is superior, thus all members enjoys equal level of right and authorization. As a non- political organization, we neither support nor protest any political ideology.
We are non- biased toward any organization, political party, or individual rather we propagate 'free thinking'. We do not support any kind of violent activity in any circumstances.